ZENYZ is a manufacturer focused on the manufacturing of high quality standard diaphragm pumps for agricultural sprayers. Besides diaphragm pumps, ZENYZ manufactures sprayer fan units and agricultural cannons.
Please find herewith the ZENYZ‘s strong points and the main competitive advantages of the equipments manufactured by ZENYZ.


ZENYZ manufactures best-of-breed components for agricultural spraying machinery. This is why you can choose to have only 1 provider, ZENYZ, unique responsible in charge of manufacturing and delivering all the components (pumps, fan units, agricultural cannons and so on) you can need as manufacturer.

Besides ZENYZ is poised to make tailor-made components for you to be more competitive in your market.

In conclusión, with ZENYZ as your global technological parter, your company will be able to save time and earn money because of automatic falling of your cost transportation to ship your goods to destination and better financial conditions for your bulk purchases.


ZENYZ has got the ISO 9001 label certification.

logo ISO 9001


ZENYZ manufactures its products in Torres de Cotillas (Spain) and so all of them are EU compliant.